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Rail Nation Guides

​Ben has been having a blast with Rail Nation so wants to share some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your rounds! If you have any questions jump on over to any of the Rail Nation videos below and throw your question in the comments! Big shout out to the Rhino Crew for making the game so much fun. If you are looking for a solid crew to join up with just let us know and we will hook you up! Again video comments are the best place to get in touch!


Rail Nation is a free browser/app based MMO from Travian Games. Players take on the role of transportation company manager with the goal to build a rail empire and become the most influential tycoon choosing strategic alliances with other players.

What are you looking for?

- Era 1 Priorities and Research Path

- Era 2 Priorities and Research Path

- Era 3 Priorities and Research Path

- Era 4 Priorities and Research Path

- Era 5 Priorities and Research Path

- Era 6 Priorities and Research Path

- Tips and Tricks to Earn more Prestige

Era 1 Priorities and Best Research Path

For Era 1 you'll want to focus on the following listed in order of their importance. Watch the video to the right for a more detailed explination



- Engine house - Maxes at lvl 7

- Research Lab -

- Bank as needed - Check your turnover/time to fill and ensure you have enough space while offline. Don't waste revenue by having a full bank!

Secondary - Nice  added boost to revenue streams

- Resturant

- Shopping Center

- Hotel

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